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Pedro and the Puzzle Palace​​

​​Pedro and the Puzzle Palace is a story about a young prince who only wanted to play but never did he imagine he had to play to find his way. You see, there was a reason for the Puzzles in the Palace.  The King had to prepare the young Prince for his future position as King.  

He learned how to deal with fears and challenges placed on his path to focus on the true prize.  Getting to the prize gave him the confidence that he needed by practicing patience and concentration.  The book includes a word search puzzle and a maze within the actual story.

What's Happening? 

Princess and the Chocolate Castle had a MAKEOVER!!
Second Edition
English and Spanish Versions
republished 2017

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I always have an AWESOME time when I get to read my books and hang out with the kids encouraging them to inspire and create because they too can be little illustrators and authors. 

The city children not only relate to me but also enjoy my story-time filled with arts, crafts, and sweet treats.  

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