A visit from a resilient Passaic County native will excite and enthuse young readers about the importance of reading and the profession of being an author. 

Princess the Rescue Cat, an adventurous, an exciting tale, offering readers a cat's eye view of what it is like to be a rescue cat. The plot and character development are both very well developed within the story. Emotional understanding is excellent and descriptively written, allowing readers to imagine exactly what the main character, Princess, is feeling at each turn of the story. Princess the Rescue cat is for those who enjoy adventurous animal stories with happy conclusions.

a reader's favorite!
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We had the pleasure of having Ms. Marisol come to our center during the holiday season and read to our students.  Not only was Ms. Marisol animated, and professional, her books were amazing too!  In a preschool setting, it's hard to captivate the audience, however, Ms. Marisol had everyone's undivided attention and the children were really excited.   We can not wait for Ms. Marisol to come back to our center again and read and entertain the students once again.   If you are looking for a truly fun, enlightening and engaging activity to do with students, I highly recommend giving Ms. Marisol a call,  you will not be disappointed. 

- Lina Lemma, Director Tiny Stars Learning Center Preschool, Clifton, NJ

Thank you for the great craft table at our holiday party! And thanks so much for your book readings.  The kids love it! You are a blessing to us each year!

- Mary Ann Swinarsky, Volunteer Chair, Foster and Adoptive Family Services, Passaic County, NJ